Pair of Embossed Chevron Tapered Fringe Earring Steel Rule Die

Pair of Embossed Chevron Tapered Fringe Earring Steel Rule Die

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This is a steel rule and wooden die, with our signature super dense orange fringe foam, which can be used to create tapered fringe earrings.

This die consists of a pair of embossed chevron tapered fringe shape cuts on a single die, to create fringe earrings. Pictured are both shapes cut from this single die. This die does include pins to create hardware holes. 

This die will cut through many mediums including card-stock, fabrics, leather, faux leather, patent leather, jelly, glitter and chunky glitter fabrics.

The piece measure approx 3 inches long at the longest point.

**Please note embossing dies will only emboss on thicker styles of genuine leather and/or leather backed cork. Baby chopper, pull up, veg tan and leather backed cork are all great for embossing. For a more subtle emboss you can use materials like suede or plain leather. **
**All Sizzix machines have different pressure settings. If your machine is cutting the embossing too deeply you will need crease pads, which are made to be used with embossing dies. They can be purchased here or here.
Fits most Die Cutting Machines. Including Big Shot, Big Shot Plus, Big Shot Pro and Cuttlebug.


By purchasing this die you agree not to use the shapes to create templates or digital files to be distributed or sold. This die is sold the sole purpose of creating finished bows for sale or personal use.